TGT Historical Restoration & Preservation 

Historical places are being demolished or falling down just from years of neglect. I've start this group to save what I can of Historical Places. I realize I can't save them all but saving a few is better than none.   I will be reaching out to all local Government officials and Historical Societies for support and approval before work begins at any given location. Below is a list of work that shall be performed.

  1. Property clean up ( Trash removal, Ground Maintenance) includes tree work where needed.

  2. Structural cleanup ( Trash and debris removal ) Certain locations will require item organization.

  3. Minor structural reinforcement and window covering unless funded for full restoration is required.

Work is performed on a volunteer basis. Any outside support is greatly appreciated. If you know of a  abandoned Historical property that you would like saved, please contact me today.

Email  or call and leave a message (386)500-8052

If you would like to donate to help our cause:


Thank you so much for your support!